Very often, I am asked to speak on the following topic: Never Cut What You Can Untie. What this means is that you should never make a permanent decision because of a temporary circumstance. In other words, don’t make a bad decision out of emotion.

When I was about 15 years old, I was washing my hair in the sink when I almost killed myself. My hair got tangled in the drain, causing the water level to quickly rise. I couldn’t move my head, which made me panic. I screamed for my mom to help me. She wasn’t coming fast enough, so I screamed again. I heard her coming up the stairs, but I felt like she was going to be too late.

There was a pair of scissors just barely out of my reach. I knew I had to cut my hair if I was going to survive. Just as I got my hand on the scissors, my mom came through the door. “RAVEN!” She stood in the doorway as I brought the scissors closer to my head. “Turn the water off!!!” she exclaimed. I paused. The water had just begun to cover my face, and I felt like a complete idiot. I reached my hand over my head to turn the water off. After a minute or two, the water finally drained from the sink and my mom helped me untangle my hair.

I laugh about it now, but that experience taught me a lot. Despite having a 160 IQ, I was so caught up in the moment of the water rising that I wasn’t thinking straight. From that point on, I made the conscious decision to STOP AND THINK anytime I find myself in an emotionally charged circumstance. Whether I’m in a difficult situation, having an argument, or washing my hair (laughs), I never want to find myself making a negative, permanent decision because of a temporary situation.

Great lesson, right?

Have a great rest of the week!!!! 🙂