“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” -Raven Magwood

“Just to let you know, you’re so amazing. Your speech changed my life so much! I’m currently taking some AP and Honors classes right now, and my parents want me to do all IB classes next year. I told them, ‘I’m smart. I’m not that smart.” But like you said, everyone has 24 hours in a day, and I spend most of that time focused on guys and social media. I definitely plan on doing IB next year! Thanks so much for your inspiration!”
Megan, High School Student
This is my 17th year as a high school counselor and I have never seen a motivational speaker as compelling and engaging as Raven Magwood. I happened to hear her speak last fall and asked her to come to my school to speak to the students. She spoke to over 900 students last week, and the kids are STILL talking about it.

The joke of our school admin is that I am not easily impressed by ANYTHING but Raven impressed me on levels I can’t even describe. She motivated my students, my colleagues, AND me! As one of my colleagues put it….”She is LEGIT!!!” There simply are not words to describe how exhilarated and empowered she made us feel.

As a Title One school our kids really need to hear from people other than us that they are worthy and they can be successful. Her presentation told them all of this and MORE. There were even kids who missed the presentation and asked me if Raven would be coming back because their friends said it was SO GREAT! I had teachers congratulate me for days about Raven (as if I could take any credit—hehe!!!)

I could write pages and pages about how WONDERFUL AND EMPOWERING Raven is—-if you EVER have the opportunity to hear her speak—do NOT miss it!!!

Kathy Caldwell, Greenville County Schools, High School Counselor
Raven Magwood is a dynamic individual with a passion for young adults. She encourages her audience to pursue life with a purpose in mind. Having accomplished so much at an early age, she is definitely a trailblazer. Our school was honored to have her as our guest speaker at our graduation ceremony, and the impact she had on the student body was amazing. We appreciate her willingness to share her testimony and enlighten our graduates on pursuing their dreams.
Renea Battle, Brown Mackie College, Career Services Advisor
The Greenville Chamber was honored to have Raven Magwood speak at our monthly Friday Forum breakfast, and she was spectacular! Friday Forum has become one of the Chamber’s flagship events with a lengthy list of prestigious speakers to take the podium including our Mayor, US Congressmen, the Governor, and many of Greenville’s greatest business professionals. Raven’s “Seven Practices of Successful Business People” was one of the most well received programs of all time. Attendees continue to ask, “When is Raven coming back?” Additionally, Raven was the first woman to ever speak at Friday Forum. Raven’s story is amazing and her enthusiasm, professionalism, and spirit make her a must-see! It was a privilege to have Raven Magwood present to the Greenville Chamber of Commerce. She embodies all that the Chamber represents and is truly doing something that matters every day!
Tripp James, Greenville Chamber, Small Business Programs Manager
Raven is a must-see motivational speaker with an accomplished resume and common sense approach to success; hard-work, dedicated, with a well balanced life and glowing spirit. Raven has been a world-class athlete, superior student and now a business person with three books to her credit, a clothing line and an upcoming movie. I was so inspired that I bought “The 7 Practices of Exceptional Student Athletes” for my son within minutes of hearing her speak. Raven is smart, driven, and a winner!
Ken Baca, UPS, Director of Sales - South Atlantic
Raven was the ideal speaker for our Intercultural Achievement Awards. She was dynamic in her approach and motivated our students in a way that I have not witnessed for some time.
Benardo Dargan, Clemson University, Director of Student Development
Raven: Thank you so much for a wonderful presentation at our recent breakfast meeting. I got so many nice compliments after the meeting and continue to get more through email. You certainly “knocked it out of the park”! We really appreciate you being with us and I look forward to keeping in touch.
Seabrook Marchant, Marchant Real Estate, President


The Equipping Center was truly blessed and inspired when Raven came and ministered the Word of God on a Sunday morning. Because of her age, I initially thought about asking her to come and speak to our youth. However, after spending an hour with her, I knew she had something that everyone needed to hear. I must say that Raven stirred me! Her message about Purpose, Time Management, and Faith was inspiring. I told the congregation to look out! Raven is someone that we will tell others about the time we were able to meet her and hear her share at church ten years from now. She is someone that I endorse and highly recommend. We look forward to her return to The Equipping Center!
Hasker Hudgens, The Equipping Center, Senior Pastor
It is not often I make recommendations, because I come in contact with so many young people who are doing exceptional things and deserve recognition, but Raven Magwood is an exception!

Legacy Ladies had the opportunity to have Ms. Magwood as a conference keynote speaker, at an all girls high school leadership conference. Rarely do you find a speaker who knows how to connect with young girls, but Ms. Magwood had no problem. Her presentation had a great impact on the girls. Her message was inspiring, engaging, and mesmerizing. The students were empowered to take control of their lives through her valuable 7-step program to success.

I have confidence that she is one that will change the world in which we live, through her community outreach and speaker engagements. Ms. Magwood receives my full endorsement as a motivational speaker.

Jackie Castillo, Legacy Ladies Inc, President & Founder





First, I invited Raven to speak to our men’s group. She related very well with a range of ages from 25 to 80. She got everyone involved in the speech, and it was very motivating. I invited her back to speak to our store managers at our district meeting, and it was wonderful! After implementing the tools Raven taught us, our store went from being last in our district to number two in sales!
Scott Sheaffer, Hibbett Sports, Store Manager
Raven is a wonderful speaker! We invited her to address our elementary school students, and she not only entertained/ motivated the youth, but she got them to interact with her. (And let’s be honest, that can be very difficult to do.) Thank you so much Raven for promoting the “3D’s” (determination, discipline, and dedication). We need for you to speak to all of our students!
Gina Neri Gonzalez, Greenville County Schools, Elementary School Counselor
Raven Magwood is a gem! We invited her to participate as a panelist for Black Youth leadership project’s (BYLP’s) Next Level Luncheon and her poise and thoughtfulness in the way she responded to our students impressed me on multiple levels. Her story is one of focus and determination, and resonated well with our student participants. I would highly recommend Raven to anyone looking for an enthusiastic and knowledgeable motivational speaker for student groups. You WILL NOT be disappointed.
Lorreen Pryor, Black Youth Leadership Project, President
Raven is a beacon of light. She is the most driven young woman I’ve ever known. She pursues life with purpose, consistently seeking to expand her knowledge and her universe. No task is too daunting for her; she will not only attempt it, but will emerge victorious always. Behind the facade of an innocent young woman lies the soul of someone who has been around the world many lifetimes; a sage, an explorer, a teacher, an expert, a friend, and a compassionate mentor who is eager to inspire and move others to achieve their own greatness. I’m excited to watch Raven set the world on fire. At such a young age, she has already accomplished more than most people do in an entire lifetime. I can’t wait to see where she will be in 5 years, 10 years, and beyond.
Robin Jay, Two Birds, Inc.
Girl, I want to say I’ve got lots of repect for you. You’re doing something that’s very unique, and I think we give so much value to what’s negative in this world. And we give so much press and time with it, that we forget that there’s a lot of kids like you out there doing the right thing.
Sinbad, Actor, Comedian
Raven [Magwood] gets it! Glad my seven-year-old could hear the conviction in her delivery!
Peter Barone, Parent of Student Athlete
My definition of a role model is someone who is older than me and possesses exemplary characteristics. Raven Magwood fits that definition, except she is my age. Listening to her speak about what led to her success made me realize that no dream is too big and no goal is unachievable. She is such an inspiring and astonishing individual. I could listen to her speak all day.
Nekedra Moore, College Student
The 7 Practices of Exceptional Student Athletes is an excellent book for student athletes to understand what it takes to be suc- cessful. It covers all phases of life, and it is filled with wonderful wisdom. Illustrated by brilliant examples of very successful people, The 7 Practices of Exceptional Student Athletes forces student athletes to use their common sense as they work to achieve their goals. Raven Magwood is a very talented person and an extremely gifted writer.
Danny Ford, Head Coach, 1981 Division I Football National Championship Team (Clemson University)
I travel the country as a John C. Maxwell-certified speaker, leadership coach and life skills consultant, and I jumped at the opportunity to participate in Raven Magwood’s Student Athlete Summit. My years as a student athlete included mountaintop highs and valley lows, and I welcomed the opportunity to share my experiences with Greenville, South Carolina youth. Raven did an excellent job as host, and I’m pleased to have been a part what I know will be the first of many Raven Magwood Foundation-hosted events.”
Tim Worley, Worley Global Enterprises (Former Pittsburgh Steeler)
I thoroughly enjoyed my time speaking at Raven Magwood’s Student Athlete Summit. Raven did a great job conceiving and coordinating the various moving parts of the event, and it ran smoothly from start to finish. As a former student-athlete – and now a professional publicist with many years experience planning and implementing special events – I was impressed with Raven’s ability to assemble a diverse collective of speakers, while maintaining the continuity of the event’s purpose: mentoring today’s youth.
Dee Worley, Worley Global Enterprises (NCAA Record-Holding Gymnast)