Last week, I did a Q&A session with the student body of a local high school. Midway through the session, a 10th grader posed the question, “Are there ever times that you want to give up?”

I answered, “Of course.”

“Well, why don’t you?” asked another student before I had the chance to finish my response.

The answer is quite simple. Most of the time, when you reach the point of wanting to give up, you’re emotional. You’re tired. You’re frustrated. You’re angry. In so many words, things aren’t going like you want them to go. Consequently, you start to contemplate just giving up altogether.

The problem with quitting while you are emotional is that you are making a permanent decision based on a temporary circumstance. You are throwing away a dream simply because of how you feel in the moment.

This is why you don’t break up with your significant other after just one argument. You don’t quit a sport after a few hard practices. You don’t drop out of school because of one bad semester. You don’t give up on your children because they are going through a phase. And you don’t quit your job because your boss is currently getting on your nerves.

NEVER CUT WHAT YOU CAN UNTIE. Just because you feel a certain way today doesn’t mean you will feel that way tomorrow, next week, or even next year. Train yourself to see the bigger picture when it comes to relationships, activities, and goals. Learn to take time to yourself to positively reflect on your feelings instead of taking drastic measures that can’t be undone.

Whenever I feel like giving up, I know that the feeling is only temporary. I know that I am one day closer to achieving my dearest dreams, no matter how hard things may seem at the time. At my lowest points, I always remember that pain is temporary. Quitting, however, lasts forever.

Have a great rest of the week!