Ashley Thompson was in her second semester of medical school when one of her professors decided to give a pop quiz. Ashley was a “Straight-A” student, so she wasn’t particularly worried about the ten-question quiz. She answered questions 1-9 with ease. Then she paused at the last question. It asked, “What is the first name of the lady who cleans up our department hallway?”

Clearly, this was some kind of joke. How was Ashley supposed to know the first name of the lady who cleaned up the department hallway? Yes, Ashley did see that particular janitor every single day, but how was she supposed to know her name?

Ashley took her paper up to the front of the class, where a few other students were already asking about the same question. “Will the last question count towards our grade?” one student asked.

The professor replied, “Of course that question will count towards your grade. In your career, you will meet many different types of people. And they all deserve your attention, whether it’s the CEO or the lady who cleans up the school. Even if it’s just a smile or a simple ‘hello,’ never overlook someone because of their title.”

Ashley never forgot that lesson. She also learned that the lady’s name was Dorothy.

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