Look at the picture below. How many triangles do you see?

It is likely that you see an ultra-bright, upside-down, white triangle in the center that seems to cover up a triangle below and three circular shapes at the edges. The truth is, however, that there are no true triangles in this picture at all.

So, why do you see triangles? The answer is that when we encounter familiar patterns, our brain tends to just fill in the blanks. It’s the same reason why when we buy a red car, it seems like everyone else on the road is all-of-a-sudden driving red cars, too. It’s also the same reason why when I was in Los Angeles, I immediately spotted a Clemson fan walking towards me down the street. (We instantly smiled at each other, high-fived, and shouted, “Go Tigers!” even though we were nearly 2,000 miles away from our alma mater.)

This phenomenon also holds true with how we act. We tend to create patterns in our behavior. For example, if you make the conscious choice to find the positive in every situation, you will eventually start being positive without even trying. Your brain will be so used to finding the silver lining that you won’t have to “look” for it anymore.

What kinds of patterns have you created in your life? Do you find the worst in every situation? Do you find the bad in people? Do you acknowledge people’s good qualities? Are you always smiling? Do people genuinely like to spend time around you?

Answer these questions honestly, because they will ultimately determine the quality of your life. CREATE POSITIVE PATTERNS, AND CHANGE YOUR WORLD.

Have a great rest of the week!