The other week I ran into a stressed college student who told me that she could never seem to find the time to do all the things she needed to do. I responded by asking her, “What are the things you NEED to do, and what are the things you WANT to do?” With that simple question, she told me that her whole perspective on life had changed.

Everyone’s busy. I get that. I’m busy too. But the key is not to prioritize your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. You aren’t going to “find time” to do the things that need to be done in your life; you have to make time. Make time to do things every single day that are going to bring you closer to your goals. Before you rush to make a new priority list, however, I want you to figure out what your current priorities are. No, I don’t want you to make a list about what you THINK your priorities are; I want you to think about what your actions say your priorities are.

If you’re having a hard time pinpointing what your current priorities really are, just check your bank statement. What you spend your money on is a great indicator of what’s important to you. Are you investing in yourself and your business? Or are you more concerned about having the latest designer clothes? Are you paying your mortgage and other bills on time? Or are you eating out every night and trying to keep up with the Joneses? Are you appreciating your family and the ones you love? Or are you spending every dime you have on yourself?

It may be hard, but you have to be honest with yourself. Why? Because you can’t change what you refuse to confront. If you want to steadily get closer to your goals, you have to acknowledge what your current priorities are, and ask yourself if they are helping you achieve your dreams. If not, make a new priority list, and work these new priorities into your daily schedule.

Now, I must warn you. In order to say “yes” to your new priorities, you are going to have to learn to say “no” to other things that simply don’t align with your goals. “No” isn’t a bad word. I’m not saying to be rude to people. But you can’t get distracted by things that have absolutely nothing to do with your dreams and goals.

Trust me, you can’t accomplish big things if you are constantly distracted by small things. Remove the distractions, and concentrate on your TRUE priorities. What are the things you NEED to do, and what are the things you WANT to do? Answer the question, and get started creating a new daily schedule. Then check your bank statement again next month and see if your actions are in alignment with what you say your priorities are! 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Your friend,