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Question – Wednesday Wisdom

Be honest. Are you currently doing everything that you possibly can to make sure that your dreams come true? If the answer to that question is, "No," WHY NOT? I want you to do something for me: Stop making excuses. It is time to take full [...]

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My Mistake – Wednesday Wisdom

Very often, I am asked to speak on the following topic: Never Cut What You Can Untie. What this means is that you should never make a permanent decision because of a temporary circumstance. In other words, don't make a bad decision out of emotion. When [...]

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White House Encounter- Wednesday Wisdom

Luck is the meeting of preparation and opportunity. I learned that important lesson years ago from the First Lady of the United States. Regardless of your political view, my encounter with Michelle Obama literally changed my life. After being invited to one of her community speeches, [...]

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Life Lesson – Wednesday Wisdom

Ashley Thompson was in her second semester of medical school when one of her professors decided to give a pop quiz. Ashley was a "Straight-A" student, so she wasn't particularly worried about the ten-question quiz. She answered questions 1-9 with ease. Then she paused at the last [...]

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Your Mind is a Powerful Tool – Wednesday Wisdom

During the 1980 Olympics, Russian scientists did a study. They divided the athletes into four different groups. The first group did 100% physical training (meaning all they did was work out their bodies and lift weights). The second group did 75% physical training and 25% mental training [...]

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RIP Muhammad Ali – Wednesday Wisdom

One of my favorite athletes of all time was Muhammad Ali. He was not only dynamic in the ring, but he was also a true inspiration. Years ago, he was quoted as saying, "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in [...]

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