Because of your support, the 2016 Student Athlete Summit was an enormous success! Our speakers were phenomenal, and there were over 900 individuals in attendance at the groundbreaking event! Nearly a week later, I am still receiving emails from students, parents, coaches, CEOs, and guidance counselors about how enlightening the event was.

One thing that really resonated with many of the attendees was a quote from our keynote speaker Eric Thomas. In his presentation, he gave the reason why he has so many degrees despite the fact that he absolutely hates school. He said, “I hate school, but I love options… I HATE SCHOOL, BUT I LOVE OPTIONS!”

He continued on by saying that there are many things in life that we may not “want” to do; however, if we push forward and do the absolute best we can, we give ourselves more options. You may not “want” to study for a big exam, but having a high college GPA will allow you to have better options when choosing a graduate school. You may not “want” to stay in all weekend to prepare a new business plan, but creating a successful business will give you the option to make sure your kids never want for anything.

Thomas Edison once said, “Most people miss opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Stop avoiding the things in life that look like work. Grab challenges by the horns and give yourself the option to live your best life!

Have a great rest of the week!!!! 🙂