Years ago, when I was competitive in gymnastics, I used to always get very nervous before competitions. I remember one time in particular, I asked my mom, “What if I don’t get first place?” My mom looked at me with her loving eyes before giving me the following response:

“Rae-Rae, I don’t care if you get first place, third place, fifth place, or tenth place. All I care about is if you truly gave your best. Someone else’s best may be better than your best on a particular day. However, if you truly give your all, you will have no regrets.”

I still think about that advice, even to this day. I live my life by giving my all, no matter what it is I choose to do. No, I may not always get first place. But I can live my life with no regrets, knowing that there was nothing else I could’ve done.

And you know what that leads to? TRUE HAPPINESS!

Have a great rest of the week!!!! 🙂