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Never Give Up! – Wednesday Wisdom

There once was a man named Benjamin. He was passing by a group of circus elephants when something caught his eye. He was confused by the fact that these large creatures were being held by only a small rope tied to their front leg. There were no chains, and there were no cages. It was clear that the elephants could break free at any time, but for some reason they did not. Benjamin saw a trainer nearby, so he decided to ask why the elephants did not try to get away. The trainer simply replied, “Well, when the elephants are very young, we use the same size rope to tie [...]

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Fix Your Brain! – Wednesday Wisdom

Look at the picture below. How many triangles do you see? It is likely that you see an ultra-bright, upside-down, white triangle in the center that seems to cover up a triangle below and three circular shapes at the edges. The truth is, however, that there are no true triangles in this picture at all. So, why do you see triangles? The answer is that when we encounter familiar patterns, our brain tends to just fill in the blanks. It’s the same reason why when we buy a red car, it seems like everyone else on the road is all-of-a-sudden driving red cars, too. It’s also the same reason why [...]

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Let Go! – Wednesday Wisdom

When is the last time someone made you mad? And how long did you stay mad? A few hours? A day? A month? A few years? It amazes me how often I speak to individuals who still have a grudge against someone for something they did a long time ago. Yes, it’s okay to express anger when you are properly offended; however, there comes a point in time that you have to let go. For your own wellbeing, you must learn to forgive, and move on. Someone once told me that holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. I thought this statement was [...]

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You’ve Got It All Wrong – Wednesday Wisdom

How many times in the past few months have you placed conditions on your happiness? How many times have you made statements like: “I’ll be happy once I get this promotion.” “I’ll be at ease when my kids start acting right.” “I’ll feel better once I get out of debt.” “I’ll be happier when my spouse stops taking me for granted.” When you put conditions on your happiness, you are truly missing the point. True happiness does not come from outside forces; it comes from within. You can’t only be joyful when everything is going your way. Because, let’s face it, life will never go our way 100% of the [...]

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